Take Sustainable Actions In Your Life

Click on these pages for short videos that help you understand how you can take sustainable actions.

Air Quality

Industry, cars and trucks, airplanes and even your fireplace are major polluters of the air we are dependent on.  Anytime fuel is combusted, particulates are released into the air and they end up in your car, house and in the water.  Elderly and children are especially susceptible to this kind of particulate pollution. Learn more


If you live where coal is a major source of your energy, your home can have a large carbon footprint. There are several simple steps you can take to save money and reduce your impact on the planet. Saving money on energy can become addictive.  Learn more

Local Food

“You are what you eat.” Sustainable eating is very important to your health and the health of the environment.  If you eat processed foods you might save money in the short run, but your health will pay for it.  When possible choose local or organic. It might cost more but the extra price goes to family farmers that care about the environment and your community. Also try eating smaller portions. Food waste is rampant and a big waste of valuable resources.  Buying local can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your food and other goods you purchase. Learn more

Sustainable Policy

One of the primary ways you can promote sustainability is through your decision to vote.  The candidates that you vote for at all levels of government need to understand climate change and the concepts of sustainability.  You can learn more about today’s major sustainability policy issues by watching these important videos. Learn more

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is a powerful force for reducing carbon footprints and restoring quality jobs. Reducing our use of materials and reusing the materials we already have is even better. Learn more


If you own an SUV/Minivan chances are it is slowly draining you of money and harming the environment. Take a deep breath and buy a hybrid or an electric car. They will save you money every day you drive them. Better yet take public transportation, bike or walk to work. It will save you money and help you get in shape.  Learn more


We are completely dependent on clean water to survive. Yet so many of our actions pollute this precious resource.  Our oceans are covered in plastic and increasingly acidic.  Most of our air and transportation pollution ends up in our waterways eventually.  We all have a role to play in keeping our water clean.  Learn more