Oil Trains Are Ticking Time Bombs

About This Video: Oil companies ship 40 times more oil in outdated and dangerous train cars compared to just five years ago. This is a national problem. If you are worried about safety in your community, join us in taking action today.

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The Coal Train Blues

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About This Video: At a time when China and other Asian countries are choking on pollution, Big Coal wants to send them more coal – coal mined in the American West and shipped from proposed terminals in Oregon and Washington. Up to 100 million tons of coal annually would be transported through the Columbia River Gorge, an 85-mile-long river canyon with spectacular scenery, thriving communities, and a unique diversity of plant and animal life. Johnny Cash tribute Counterfeit Cash sings a tune about the absurd, dangerous plans to make the Gorge the coal chute of the United States.

Does Your City Have Bike Corrals?

About This Video: Portland now has the distinction of having 100 bike corrals, most in dense business districts. More than any other city in the United States. It’s just great that they are so ubiquitous, they are just expected, not anything special or odd. As our transportation policies continue to evolve this will continue to be more prevalent in more cities.

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