Breaking Down The Climate Message

About This Video: Climate One speaks to climate scientists Katharine Hayhoe and Michael Mann on the different methods of communicating climate science to different types of people. “Even though there’s a one size facts fit all, there’s not a one size message fits all,” says Hayhoe. “We focus so much on climate change as an issue of science or an issue of policy or economics, you know, cost-benefit analysis, but, you know, not often enough do we frame it for the issue that it really is ultimately,” says Mann. “It’s an issue of our ethical obligation.”

Michael Mann, Professor of Geosciences, Penn State; Author, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars
Katharine Hayhoe, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas Tech University; Author, A Climate for Change
William Anderegg, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University

Recorded: December 4, 2012