Seven Billion Reasons for Climate Change

1) How fast has the world population grown? (National Geographic)

2) Has there really been increased warming? (NASA)

3) How much carbon is in the atmosphere? (NOAA)

4) What is carbon and where does it come from? (Bell Museum of Natural History)

5) Is it too late to fix our human created carbon problem? (University of Minnesota)

6) Have we entered a new era of human controlled climate? (

U.S. Coal Exports Explained

About This Video: There’s a new front line in the battle to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat (aka Maeby) explains the truth about the coal industry’s plans to export American coal.

Multi-billion dollar coal companies like Arch, Ambre, and Peabody want to ship the coal buried under the United States to Asia, releasing disastrous amounts of carbon pollution, just to line their own pockets. This expansion in US coal exports could release more carbon pollution than any other new fossil fuel project in the United States.

Coal exports out of the Pacific Northwest could pose a bigger climate threat than the Keystone XL pipeline. Coal companies are scheming to export over 150 million tons of coal through the region. If we’re serious about halting the worst impacts of climate change, we must do something to stop Arch, Ambre, and Peabody’s plans, and keep this coal in the ground.

The good news is that there is a growing movement to stop coal exports. In the past few months alone, over 10,000 people have turned out to public hearings in the Pacific Northwest to say no to new coal export terminals.

Globally, renewable energy can power our homes, cars, and businesses, and make these massive extraction projects irrelevant. That’s why Greenpeace is calling on elected officials to put people over profits and put the brakes on coal export expansion. The Obama Administration can declare a moratorium on new coal leasing in the Powder River Basin.

Share this video so that politicians and regulators at all levels of government consider that green-lighting any new coal export-related infrastructure would just line coal companies’ pockets at the taxpayer’s expense.

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Worse Than Keystone XL? NW Coal Exports

About This Video: Compelling three-minute video highlights plans to export dirty U.S. coal to Asia. Local voices from Longview, Bellingham, Hood River, and Portland share how coal trains and terminals will harm their communities. The video captures the filth of coal and the shine of those who know we can do better.

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