Why We Must Change

Act 1. The Truth About Climate Change

Climate Change is Happening Fast

Population Growth is Dramatic and Resource Intensive

The Consequences of Our Actions are Catching Up to Us

Act 2. If We Don’t Change we can Expect?

Extreme Weather

Ocean Acidification

The Melting of Permafrost and Major Methane Release

Act 3. How Can We Be Good To The Climate?

Eat a Low Carbon Diet

Reduce your Driving

Weatherize Your Home and get a Programmable Thermostat

Act 4. Take Actions To Conserve The Climate

Become a Climate Educator

Become a Climate Innovator

Become a Climate Activist


Seven Billion Reasons for Climate Change

1) How fast has the world population grown? (National Geographic)

2) Has there really been increased warming? (NASA)

3) How much carbon is in the atmosphere? (NOAA)

4) What is carbon and where does it come from? (Bell Museum of Natural History)

5) Is it too late to fix our human created carbon problem? (University of Minnesota)

6) Have we entered a new era of human controlled climate? (Globaia.org)