The Incredible Dangers of Ocean Seismic Blasting

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About This Video: The ocean is a world of sound. Seismic airgun testing, a method of searching for offshore oil and gas, threatens to turn that world upside down.

Seismic blasts can injure or kill marine life, threaten the health of regional fisheries, and risk the jobs of those who depend on the ocean for their livelihood. This month, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) on seismic testing’s potential expansion into the Mid and South Atlantic, and its recommendations will reach the White House. BOEM needs to consider the latest and best science on seismic, which exposes its many risks.

Share the truth about seismic blasting and increase awareness about this deadly practice!


Six Decades of a Warming Planet

About This Video: This visualization shows how global temperatures have risen from 1950 through the end of 2013.

NASA scientists say 2013 tied for the seventh warmest of any year since 1880, continuing a long-term trend of rising global temperatures. With the exception of 1998, the 10 warmest years in the 133-year record all have occurred since 2000, with 2010 and 2005 ranking as the hottest years on record.

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York, which analyzes global surface temperatures on an ongoing basis, released an updated report Tuesday, Jan. 21, on temperatures around the globe in 2013. The comparison shows how Earth continues to experience warmer temperatures than several decades ago.

The visualization shows a running five-year average global temperature, as compared to a baseline average global temperature from 1951-1980.

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Welcome To The Solar Generation

About This Video: Following the sun across the nation, we see first-hand how solar is working for America and meet today’s solar generation: the project developers, manufacturers, installers and of course, the clients – the people who are using solar power in its various forms for their homes, businesses and public buildings. This 4-minute film highlights the Solar Generation USA Road Trip as the team discovers how widespread solar energy has become from the East Coast across the Midwest to the West Coast. Learn more about the role solar plays at a boat marina, fire station, New York City rooftop and the Crayola Crayon manufacturing plant, a zoo (with ‘solar bears’), a gas station converted to a solar charging station for electric vehicles; and see how solar is putting people to work at a manufacturing site and a solar rooftop installation in the West; features a Crayola Crayon factory, Denver International Airport, a Garbett Homes community where solar comes standard, Colorado State University, the San Francisco Giant’s ballpark and a Napa Valley vineyard.

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