A Business Leading On Sustainability

About This Video: Interface has reached a series of major sustainability milestones at its European manufacturing facility in Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands. As of January 2014 the company has been operating with 100% renewable energy (both electricity and gas), using virtually zero water in its manufacturing processes and has attained zero waste to landfill. This is a key achievement for the facility and a significant step forward for the company as it strives towards Mission Zero — Interface’s pledge to eliminate any negative impact it has on the environment by 2020 and by doing so, becoming a restorative enterprise.

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The History of Urban Living

About This Video:  About 10,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers, aided by rudimentary agriculture, moved to semi-permanent villages and never looked back. With further developments came food surpluses, leading to commerce, specialization and, many years later with the Industrial Revolution, the modern city. Vance Kite plots our urban past and how we can expect future cities to adapt to our growing populations.

Lesson by Vance Kite, animation by ATMG Studio.

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Sustainability: Not Just For Hipsters Anymore

Sustainability Hub Ranking: 8.1

About This Video:  Ruin it for hipsters.  Make sustainability mainstream.  Watch this charming video about two men on bikes one a barista and one a banker.

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